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Micover 3cm Puffin for Nikon ME-1

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The Micover™ Puffin for Nikon ME-1 is made of open-cell foam fitted with a permanent high-quality synthetic short hair fur cover. Your Nikon ME-1 microphone, with its original black foam cover, provides between 5dB and 10dB of noise reduction. The custom made Micover™ Puffin for the Nikon ME-1 reduces unwanted noise up to 25dB without diminishing the quality of your recording.

• 90 day warranty
• Silences up to 25dB of wind noise
• Made with high-quality synthetic fur

*The above video is a demonstration of the 5cm Long Hair Puffin model. Not actual shot of the special 3cm Short Hair Puffin made for the Nikon ME-1 microphone.